Sound Strategy Wins

The Oldham Law team has more than 75 years of combined experience across the spectrum of civil litigation, healthcare law, and skilled nursing legal issues.

Civil Litigation

Oldham Law provides exceptional civil litigation services to clients from all over the United States with litigation needs in Kentucky and the region.

Elder Care & Skilled Nursing Care Litigation

We specialize in elder care litigation for skilled nursing facilities, as well as for assisted and independent living facilities and long-term acute care providers.

Healthcare & Medical Malpractice Litigation

We represent clients with strategic healthcare litigation needs and strategic business concerns across the spectrum of healthcare organizations.

Elder Care Risk Management

We counsel clients on best practices, documentation, prevailing legal theories and other matters that best prepare their caregivers to avoid risk.

Elder Care Health Law, Skilled Care Administrative & Regulatory Law

Our team has provided legal counsel for elder care facilities across the state of Kentucky and surrounding region.

COVID-19 Litigation & Risk Management

In response to the pandemic, Oldham Law has developed an integrated and interdisciplinary team that taps into the experience and courtroom talent of our litigators.

Complex Corporate and Skilled Care Hybrid Litigation

Complex corporate and skilled care hybrid litigation cases typically involve corporate maleficence or caregiver negligence. Our team has rich experience in corporate finance as well as caregiver standards.

Complex Corporate/Skilled Care Case Value and Strategy Consultation

We provide strategy consultation to clients across the country.

General Commercial Law

Counsel commercial and corporate interests in all aspects of law and risk management.